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Fleur de l 'Amour Natural EDP 50 ML

Fleur de l 'Amour Natural EDP 50 ML


Fleur de l’Amour Natural EDP


In the Fruity Floral Fleur de l’ Amour playful strawberry leads the way for a rose that is pure romance; pink and crimson as a valentine.  Although valentines are sweet and chocolatey the sensual champaka grounds the other notes in a way that is anything but frilly. The sandalwood is dry and the rose is plush, making it almost Victorian in its feel. Fleur de l’ Amour is wrist corsages, big blooming centerpieces decorating elegantly set dining tables, and chocolate-dipped strawberries on cut crystal platters.  It is reminiscent of an Edith Wharton Victorian novel where love and passion simmer just beneath the surface of restrictive social norms.


Notes include:  Strawberries, Rose, Champaka, Sandalwood, and organic cocoa (chocolate) absolute.


Hint: A perfect gift for a loved one for the holidays and Valentine's Day!!

Fleur de l’Amour  bursts with ripe red fruit and flowers, celebrating love and summer.  Champaka blooms and transitions wonderfully into the soft sandalwood finish.... Michael Singels, Editor & Natural Perfumery Editor ~ Cafleurebon


Review by Cafleurbon Team again Sandi Lundberg & Michelyn - Click here to read 

woody, sweet, rose, fruity and yellow floral.
A Floral Fruity Fragrance for Women.

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