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Forbidden Love Natural EDP 50ML

Forbidden Love Natural EDP 50ML


Forbidden Love: Lily Absolute along with hints of White lotus Absolute and Orange. MID NOTES: Organic Cypress Leaf. BASE NOTES: Tobacco leaf Absolute, Agarwood, Vanilla and Benzoin. OTHER: Green Tea, Imported Sake from Japan
Amber Floral fragrance.


It is a hauntingly beautiful scent, filled with the pleasureable sweet ache of longing and the purity of a love that can never be consummated....Jodi Battershell ~ Fragrantica


FORBIDDEN LOVE by La Fleur by Livvy [A young Japanese man in Kyoto is in love with a Geisha]. “I see her silhouette as she gracefully floats in Zori. Her obi tied in a simple knot. The nape of her neck is exposed as she turns around the corner at the street lamp. She has no idea that I wait for her passing each night on her way back from the tea house. Her kimono smells of a rich scent; a combination of orange blossoms, vanilla and lilies laced with tobacco. The Cypress trees and full moon heighten my senses. At that very moment, a gentle waft of burning incense catches my breath from temples nearby. I am in love with her but she can never love me back for it is forbidden to love.”


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Main Accords: white floral, vanilla, tobacco, sweet floral.
A Complex White Floral Fragrance for Women.

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